Thursday, May 30, 2019

Taking Time to Be Present

I don't know if it's age, or what. But it seems the older I am getting, and the more life "happens", the more appreciative I am of the people in my life. I have been enjoying my family so much, lately. More than usual, and I am grateful for that.

This past weekend, my mom was watching my nephew/her grandson for a few hours, so she and I went to a little spot in Delaware with my son in tow. We visited the children's museum (and my goodness, getting my son out of there was an EVENT!). They especially loved the water play area and breaking them away from that was TOUGH. But, we made it back outside to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day. We had ice cream, then my husband came to meet us. After another hour or so, my sister calls asking where we are, and she and her partner met us. It turned into a whole family outing. We haven't had that much fun in a long time, it's usually so challenging getting everyone together due to our busy schedules and the boys. God knew what we needed ;-) TONS of laughs, good food, and we enjoyed each others' company.

Friday, March 22, 2019

365 Days

Last week was a big one for us. Our son turned 1 year old!! What a year it has been. It seems to have gone by so quickly, but many of those days seemed soooo long in the moment when trying to get in my groove and become accustomed to being a mom. Maxson has truly been a blessing to our family, and watching him grow and develop more and more each day just amazes me more than I ever knew it could.

We had a small celebration on his actual birthday last week with just hubby and I, and my mom/his grandmom, and a bigger party with our family and friends over the weekend.

Here are some pics!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Brief Intermission...

To be honest, the world has been so heavy to me even more so lately. With the political mess, constant bad news being reported (both online and off), overwhelming social media consumption, and people using me as their constant vent-piece -- I needed a break. I decided to take one, and to take my own advice mentioned in a previous blog post from 2016. This past Sunday, I removed my social media apps from my phone indefinitely. It's definitely helping, not constantly seeing everyone else's life and trying to keep up with hundreds of people on a daily basis.

My childhood and adolescent years were internet free. Times were a bit slower. I miss that. The internet wasn't even a thing until I was mid-way through college, so I've lived half my life without all of the additional noise. To be honest, most days I'm still not used to it. I need breaks, time to process thoughts before I'm presented with the next thing. I admire people who can go without any online presence whatsoever - I know a few. Who knows, maybe one day, I can do the same.

Until then... I'm enjoying my quiet time and quality time with my husband, my son, and the rest of my close family and friends. I'm focusing on them, and being present instead of having my face in my phone, missing priceless moments. I may even have time to update this blog a little more, get more creative ideas. What I do know, is - I am definitely looking forward to learning what God wants to reveal to me in this season. :)


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Self Care for Women: Organic Fem Products

I wanted to share something with you all that I have been using since 2017. It's Lola! Lola is a woman-owned company that started off with organic cotton pads and tampons, and now offer so much more like personal lubricants, feminine wipes, etc. They are CUSTOMIZABLE (yes, you can customize your boxes of pads and tampons to fit your flow - from light to heavy - so you get the perfect mix just for you in each box) and a monthly subscription service. Modifying your subscription is super easy online, you can pause them or completely cancel (like I turned my subscription off when I was pregnant and breastfeeding) with no issues. It's very flexible and convenient. I love the packaging because it is simple and your business isn't posted all over the box when delivered right to your door.

For so many years we haven't been aware of the harm many feminine hygiene products can cause due to the chemicals they contain. So, I love this company and what they stand for, and what they offer, to help us to be healthy and have toxin-free items for our sensitive areas. It became increasingly important to me after the issue I had in 2015 with fibroids to use more natural products.

Check out Lola using this link to get $5 off your first order!

(Picture from Lola's website)

**This post is not sponsored. I really just love the products.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Bold, Fearless

Wow, I honestly didn't mean to be away for 5 months! I hope everyone has been doing well. It's officially 2019, and from what I've been hearing from friends and family, and seeing online - everyone is glad 2018 is over (I can't say I feel the same, though).