Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Bold, Fearless

Wow, I honestly didn't mean to be away for 5 months! I hope everyone has been doing well. It's officially 2019, and from what I've been hearing from friends and family, and seeing online - everyone is glad 2018 is over (I can't say I feel the same, though).

Headed to dinner with my Babe to celebrate
New Year's Eve is always special to our family because it's my husband and I's wedding anniversary (we celebrated 2 years of marriage yesterday!). We also just celebrated our son's first Christmas (he is 9 months now). 2018 was a huge year for us - some challenges but many blessings. I am looking forward to even more greatness for not only myself, but my family and friends, this year.

Maxson's 1st Christmas
My goal with this blog is to be more consistent, starting today. God-willing, you won't see me disappearing for another 5 months. I also want to learn more about photography and editing, something I've wanted to do for years and have continued to put off. I feel it's time to do a lot of the things I've been hesitant to do, and put myself out there more.

A mommy-and-son photo :)
Many prayers to you all for a blessed and FEARLESS 2019 and beyond!

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