Friday, May 18, 2018

Mental Health Awareness + Postpartum Depression

My beautiful son is 2 months old. I love him more than life itself, more than he will ever understand (until maybe he has children of his own someday). I am enjoying the moments I get to spend with him each day, watching him grow (too quickly, might I add), and learning his personality. Being a mother is a blessing, and I am truly grateful.

At the same time, I am also battling postpartum depression & anxiety. I worry about my son so much, I always want to keep him safe and want to monitor EVERYTHING. I do my best not to operate in this fear, and instead to operate in a place of love. It is a daily struggle and something I have become aware of, and am working through. As a new mom, I am navigating these new experiences best I can. Trying to incorporate this new life into my current life. Learning how to raise a respectful and God-fearing little human. Doing my best day by day... but I noticed I had been so hard on myself.