Friday, March 17, 2017

Staying Encouraged in Your Quiet Seasons

It's so easy to stay encouraged when things are going well. When prayers seem to be answered almost immediately, or when things are just overall going well in life: personal, business, etc. But how do you stay encouraged when things don't seem to be going your way? Or, when you're working hard and yet life just seems to be at a complete standstill? The business isn't taking off, your relationship doesn't seem to be progressing, your efforts seem to be in vain... What do you do, then?

Let me share a little secret with you all. I don't care what anyone tells you - we (humans) will NEVER have it all figured out. As long as we are living, there will always be something to work toward, more growth within ourselves to occur, and most times what we want to happen won't happen in our time-frame. That's life. The most important lessons I have learned while waiting for anything, are: What should I be learning during this time? What is God trying to tell me or show me, whether it be about myself or others? Am I thankful for the blessings I have NOW? Am I practicing being grateful while I strive toward continuing to grow in life? No matter how it seems online, or in life, people are constantly going through seasons. Yes, all of us. And usually, everything isn't "perfect" at once. We'll get one area together, and then some other area in life needs our attention. It seems God isn't speaking to us when we are waiting in that quiet time in life. Remember that God's timing is so different than ours, He sees things we don't. He knows better. So, do your best to trust that. Keep praying, stay grateful, stay faithful. The season will pass. If you look back at your life, you can likely agree. Things seem to come together at just the RIGHT time, for YOUR life. And if you can get to a place where you TRUST that, and know things will be okay in the end, those quiet times can be a beautiful thing.

Stay encouraged.  <3


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Embracing the Natural Me... Again.

Lately, I have been wearing A LOT of protective styles (braids, twists, weaves, crochet braid styles, etc.), and now that my hair has grown out enough where I am comfortable wearing it out again, I think it's time to let all the "hair add-ins", go. I definitely love the versatility, and I have absolutely NOTHING against any of that stuff. I'm an advocate of doing what YOU want with YOUR hair. Personally speaking, I started to feel a dependence on having longer hair or certain styles to feel beautiful or presentable again - and that wasn't good. The reason I went natural years ago back in 2008, was to let go of society's beauty standard and to just love myself - all of me - as I am. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love my beauty products and nails and whatnot. But the difference was - I don't feel negatively about myself without makeup or my nails done. But, I DID start feeling that way about my hair. That's a problem for me. So, unless I am wearing braids or twists, I am going to do my best now to just wear my own hair, and love it for what it is. I'm looking forward to this (not-so-new) journey. :)