Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Moisturizing is Necessary for ALL Skin Types - Yes, OILY skin, too!

It may be obvious to most people why someone with dry skin needs to moisturize daily. Dry skin needs moisture. But there is a common misconception that those with oily/combination skin, or even normal skin (i.e., no excessive oil production but also not dry), don’t need to moisturize. Know this: Skin can be oily, but dehydrated. 

With oily skin, there is an overproduction of oil (sebum). While it can be a pain to deal with, the benefit is that your skin won’t wrinkle as easily or as quickly as you age (think of the oil like a protective barrier). However, I know no one wants to walk around looking greasy (I don’t Lol) – so to combat that look, exfoliating twice a week and drinking plenty of water daily helps reduce that. Just know that you can’t permanently get rid of your oily skin. (Sorry)

Oily skin can also lack moisture. I’ve seen many clients who have oily skin which is apparent with their pore size, but it’s dehydrated at the same time. Is your skin oily yet flaky in some areas? Then this could be the case for you. If you have oily/combination skin, you still need to moisturize daily with an oil-free one, and water-based, moisturizer. Pay attention to the ingredients. Water should be listed first. Natural ingredients are best, but use what works for you. Using a good water-based moisturizer will allow your skin to be hydrated without over-producing oil. 

Pic credit: livestrong.com

Here are my 2 favorite moisturizers: Aveeno and PreventAge.

Let me also add this: Many people look for that miracle product to help them have amazing skin, but I can tell you from experience that while products can help a lot from the outside, your INSIDE has a huge impact on the appearance of your skin, as well. Take inventory of the foods you consume (lots of processed stuff? Sodas? Not drinking at least half your body weight in liquid ounces of H2O daily?) Be honest with yourself about your dietary habits and make the necessary changes. 

One more thing: Never, EVER, sleep without properly cleansing your face and NEVER EVER EVER (I don't care how late it gets or how tired you are) go to sleep with makeup on. I mean, ever. You'll be causing more damage than you know. <3


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