Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Look at 2016's Hairstyles So Far...

Anyone who knows me - or, let's be honest - knows OF me (Lol), knows that I love changing my hair up. It's a creative outlet for me. Some styles I have even done myself in the past, using YouTube and Pinterest as guides. So, here is a little fun post of some styles I've done this year so far (after deciding in November 2015 to grow out my shaved sides - yep, I shaved my hair).

Jan - March (full weave)
The weave was perfect because it hid my sides as I let them grow out. Just enough for this next style...
Box braids
My first time having box braids and I absolutely loved them! Wore these during (end of) March-May.
Faux Halo Braid
I did this faux halo braid using marley hair after watching a few YouTube tutorials and wore this style for about 2 weeks.
My own hair - twist out
I got a good trim/cut and attempted to have my hair evened out a little, but I didn't want to cut the top too much to blend with the sides. This was a way I'd disguise the shorter sides. ;-)

Cornrows for about a week
So... this hair was an "accident" (unplanned style)
Everyone loved this one - even though my plan was to just keep this for a week or 2. But this look got SO MUCH love that I kept it for about a month.

Currently... marley twists
My usual go-to protective style is marley twists! Love them. <3

Wow... that was a lot in just 8 months. But I love changing my look up every few months. Natural hair is so versatile!


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