Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Trusting God's Timing... with EVERYTHING

I'll be honest. Trusting God's timing isn't always easy. Especially in the world we live in, where instant results and busyness are glorified. But from my own experience, and from what I've witnessed with others, not rushing some things has been a true blessing.

Most of you already follow me on social media and know by now that my husband and I are expecting! This is my first child, my very first pregnancy, and I am beyond grateful and don't take this blessing lightly. There was a time when I doubted I'd ever get pregnant (though I hadn't tried before), and that maybe being a mom wasn't in the cards for me. It seemed as far as a real relationship and marriage goes, it was taking me much longer than many of my friends and people I knew in general. I remember being anxious about it, at times sad, but then I got to a point where I made a decision to trust God with everything in my life. That included relationships, and possibly motherhood. And if it wasn't His will for my life, I actually came to terms with that and was okay. So, when my now-husband came along, I didn't feel the need to rush things. Oh - everyone around me did! I got questions early on about moving in with him, marriage, kids, etc. I'm talking 6 months in, y'all. Why do people do this? Lol If we aren't careful and we aren't confident in what God has for us, we will allow comments and questions such as these to make us feel rushed, or like something is wrong. Then, we got married last year and the baby questions started coming. And the messages of baby dreams people were having about me and all kinds of visions -- and I know people mean well. But, you never ever know what a person is feeling or dealing with behind the scenes, and that can cause unnecessary pressure on a woman. Even my gyn Dr. at the time was telling me to hurry (6 months after my fibroid surgery, when I really wanted to be married first before even trying to have a child), because of my age (I'm considered advanced maternal age - how about that?). My gut kept telling me, though (or perhaps it was God speaking to me), to not worry and that if it's meant for me to have a baby, I will - at the right time for my husband and I. I kept holding onto that regardless of the comments and messages and questions from so many. It wasn't easy. I'd get discouraged sometimes, but my husband and my mom are awesome, y'all. They encouraged me and reminded me of how great God is, and gave me so many examples of women my age and older who had children for the first time with healthy babies and no complications. And as God promised, He blessed us with this child. Our family is so excited, and every time I have an appointment or test and I'm told everything is normal and baby is healthy, I'm more and more thankful.

I'm sharing this experience in hopes that you, too, will trust God with whatever He is telling you to trust Him with. He has your back more than anyone on this earth ever could. Don't give up, don't let people with well-meaning (but sometimes hurtful) comments get you down. Tune it all out, focus on the Lord, keep praying and keep trusting. <3

God bless you and thank you for reading today!!

2nd trimester

xo, KeetaRay


  1. Awesomeness!!!A good Monday word! Our God is most definetly an on time God! Congratulations on your blessing and best wishes to you and your husband!!